Puertas Residency

The members of 13 Feet Off The Ground who participated in “Puertas” Residency at Casa Galeria San Jose. Left to right: Carol McQuaid, Jenn Brisson, Melanie Ellery, Lori Popaduik, Alison Keenan, Deborah Bakos, Sheree Jones, Angela Gooliaff and Tannis Hopkins.


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A sandy lot is the perfect place to get messy with paint.
The outdoor studio at Casa Galeria San Jose.
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The ladies enjoy a memorable experience living together for the week.
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The ladies take a break from painting and hit the beach.
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Enter a captionOpening night of “Puertas” at Pez Gordo Gallery, La Palmilla, Los Cabos.
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Lori Popaduik

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Angela Gooliaff
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Jenn Brisson
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Sheree Jones
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Carol McQuaid
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Alison Keenan
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Deborah Bakos
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Melanie Ellery